Our Products

Fogmax Humidifier

Fogmax is the most adaptable and comprehensive industrial humidifier used in many different sectors. Fogmax guarantees droplet-free humidification in any application which serves as a spot humidifier. The fog can be directed both horizontally and vertically thanks to its inventive design, giving you as a user additional versatility.

Fog360 Humidifier

A silent humidifier is Fog360 when positioned in the middle of the space, ensures that the fog particles (4 to 8 microns) are distributed evenly across the whole space. It results in entirely condensation-free humidification. It can reduce humidity levels by up to 70% in enclosed spaces with enough height.

Ultra Fog Humidifier

Ultrafog is the most functional and all-encompassing industrial humidifier of the twenty-first century. Regardless of the demanding working conditions, the fog particles always evaporate in the air. It can be utilised with or without the air filter that surrounds its air-suction grid depending on the application.

DriFog Humidifier

Drifog Humidifier is a 100% water-atomized, adiabatic humidifier that uses the ultrasonic principle. This has a built-in float value system that requires no compressed air or water pressure pumps and has zero condensation. Up to 80% of the gas in the Drifog Humidifier is converted into moisture.

Diphusair Asc

The DIPHUSAIR ASC series air humidifiers operate on the principle of a coil heat exchanger through which superheated boiler water is circulated, supplying the necessary heat to produce clean steam from the potable, decalcified, or deionized water. The lack of water contamination is a benefit of this humidifier.

Diphusair Electrode

The Diphusair Electrode Humidifiers are self-made, immersed electrode humidifiers for pure steam and offer a small, user-accessible structure that makes maintenance quick and easy. The equipment is furnished with components that aid in extending the time between maintenance checks and, as a result, the cylinder’s operational life.

Diphusair FSH

Diphusair FSH steam injection humidifiers are pressurised steam injection humidifiers with double jacket tubes and a steam separator that function with pressurised steam from the boiler. The best steam injection humidifiers are available from us, and as they are made entirely of stainless steel, they are incredibly robust.

Diphusair Resistance

Diphusair Resistance clean steam humidifiers are self-produced clean steam humidifiers that use a water heating system with electrical elements, specifically heating elements. The operation is similar to that of electrode humidifiers, but instead of using electrodes and the conductivity of the water to produce steam, heating elements are used.

Diphusair VxV

While using steam produced by a boiler, DIPHUSAIR VxV steam humidifiers exchange heat with the steam. To generate clean steam from potable/decalcified or deionized water, this boiler steam is heated in a copper tube heat exchanger. Heat is transferred by conduction and convection in the nucleated boiling phase in this humidifier.

Diphusair MT2

The steam injection system is the best option for using both pressure and pressureless steam. It entails an isothermal humidification by dispersion or injection of dry steam, which is advised for pressurized steam generators and self-producing air humidifiers that produce dry steam under pressure.